Bryce and listeners share their worst "foot in mouth" moments & they're pretty bad

The Morning Rumble 05/07/2022

Ever said or done something so bad, that you literally wanna crawl into a hole and never be seen again?

Bryce and some of our listeners have shared their worst "foot in mouth moments," where they said or did something, then immediately realised they shouldn't have. 

Bryce has had a lot of these moments, but one of the worse ones was when an overweight woman thought Bryce was calling her "chunky" at the supermarket, after a KitKat Chunky appeared in their section at the grocery checkout belt.

In attempt to remedy the situation, Bryce told the woman he was talking to his wife... who just so happened to be heavily pregnant at the time.

Our listeners have some terrible "foot in mouth" moments too. Have a watch of the video up top, or have a read of some listener's texts below.

I was out for lunch with my work team, and thought a group of blokes at the bar were having a 'wookie off'. I joined three or four times until I realised it was a disabled man in a wheelchair.

My driving instructor years ago. I was learning to drive, he kept saying I needed to keep both hands on the staring wheel. One day I was annoyed and I said to him, 'I don't see you doing it mate.'.. The driving instructor had one arm.

I told a lady to put her mask on... She didn't have ears.

Yup. Those are pretty bad.