Highly Suspect’s Johnny Stevens says it was 'surreal' seeing how hard NZ fans go at Rock 2000
The Morning Rumble
The Morning Rumble

Highly Suspect’s Johnny Stevens says it was 'surreal' seeing how hard NZ fans go at Rock 2000

Aaand he said they're going to play never-before-heard tunes at their upcoming NZ shows.

Highly Suspect’s massively anticipated shows are going down this weekend and vocalist Johnny Stevens told us what fans can expect. 

Speaking to the Morning Rumble, he was still buzzing from the band's success in the Rock 2000 and said Kiwis can expect to hear brand new songs at their upcoming NZ shows. He even expressed interest in one day playing at the live event. 

“It's really humbling and so unexpected and it feels surreal. I watched that, I saw clips and you guys really fill out.”

“I’m down, I want to. I want to run with this popularity. I’m going to ask you guys to start a petition to the prime minister to get me residency.”

When it comes to their NZ tour, Johnny said the band has been working on a new album and they're keen to debut some of the tracks from it. 

“We just locked in for three months and worked 12 hours a day, every single day, except for Sundays and New Zealand’s going to hear some stuff that no one’s ever heard and then, of course, stuff that you love,” he said. 

There are still a few tickets available for their Wellington and Auckland shows. Get your hands on some below!

When their NZ tour was first announced, Rock listeners sold out tickets so quickly that more shows had to be added and existing shows’ venues had to be upgraded, which blew Johnny’s mind. 

“We didn't really realize how popular we were in New Zealand. It's kind of like every American's dream. I mean, you guys have you got it going on over there. It's pretty awesome. It’s kind of a dream come true.”

Listen to Johnny’s full chat with the Morning Rumble here. He also discussed the current state of rock music, why he “can’t stand” the band’s last album, and his aeroplane seat etiquette. 

If you’re heading to the shows, have a fucking great time.