Jim videobombs The Project to plug Nookie for The Rock 1500, ruins Rhys Mathewson's night

Jim 21/08/2017

Looks like we won't be invited for after work drinks with The Project anytime soon....

In Jim's quest to get Limp Bizkit 'Nookie' in the top ten of The Rock 1500, his latest victims were The Project NZ and reporter/comedian Rhys Mathewson.

Whilst doing a live TV cross down at Auckland's Viaduct Harbour, Rhys was trying to talk about the electric grafitti display (or whatever the hell it was) but had no idea that our hairy little workdays announcer was waiting in the wings to pounce...

Watch the vid above. And sorry Rhys bro!

Jim's already plugged Nookie on Jono and Benthe news, and made a Facebook page for itgot Roadies in Christchruch to carry signage around the Crusaders parade... and gatecrashed The Crowd Goes Wild.