Jim blows out big time with tattoo model and fire dancer, Cervena Fox

Jim 27/11/2017

If you didn't know, the NZ Tattoo & Art Festival went down over the weekend in Taranaki, and my god they put on a show.

There were FMX and BMX riders risking life and limb. There were hundreds of tattoo artists showering people with new ink. There were epic live rock bands, endless amounts of beer, and - one of our favourite parts of the fest - three incredible female performers putting on a show.

One of which, you should need no introduction for - the gorgeous Cervena Fox, tattoo model and fire performer, who was at the NZTAF dazzling crowds with her fire spectacle.

It goes without saying, most of these ladies (Cervena included) aren't wearing much and do show off their bodies for all to see. And, as any red-blooded male can attest, eyeballs are bound to drift and look at certain places longer than they should....which our man Jim was very aware about.

His self-advice of "interview from the neck up" didn't really go to plan, and to make it even better (or worse, for Jim) - he wasn't the only one to notice his wandering eyes.....

...and he got called out for it. Have a watch.