Corey Taylor calls out Kanye West: "You are not the greatest living rock star of all time"

funny shit 08/07/2015

Corey Taylor has some words for Kanye West - and we don't think the hip-hop star is going to like it.

At last month's Glastonbury festival, West claimed to be "the greatest living rock star on the planet" - a statement that didn't sit well with the Slipknot frontman.

And Taylor hasn't been scared to voice back his thoughts back to Kanye. In a video message posted Youtube, Taylor responded:

"Kanye, you are not - not - the greatest living rock star of all time. The fact that you had to tell people that kind of says it all. You remind me of the guy who brags about pussy. They never get as much as they brag about. Stop it. *slaps wrist*  - STOP IT."

Well said, Corey.

Wonder what Kanye has to say back to that....