Inside Mark Hunt's UFC 200 Las Vegas base

Pics 06/07/2016

"That's what I do, I play punch face for a living, I punch your face until you don't get up."

Those are fighting words but New Zealand brawler Mark Hunt was a picture of calmness when he invited Newshub into his luxury Las Vegas quarters, just days out from the biggest fight of his career.

Story reporter Dan Parker got behind the scenes exclusively with the "Super Samoan" to talk about his headline bout at UFC 200 on Sunday (NZT) against former World Champion and controversial WWE superstar Brock Lesnar.

"It's time for work, it's awesome, it's the best part of the job really," Hunt told Newshub.

The 42-year-old's been out of the spotlight in the build-up to the fastest growing combat sport's long anticipated milestone event. It's all been about Lesnar.

And that's fine by Hunt.

"He [Lesnar] does nothing for my ranking, but he does everything for the Mark Hunt stock because everyone knows my name by now, because of him."

Mark Hunt's last fight was a knockout win over Frank Mir in March (Photosport)

Hunt spoke about the path to getting a shot at the UFC heavyweight title - and making sure he sends a message to Lesnar in the process.

"Someone who's got an itch to scratch, don't come back here and try to scratch it," Hunt warned. "This isn't made up shit, this is real business."

Source: Newshub

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