WATCH: Mark Hunt defeated by Brock Lesnar in UFC 200

Pics 10/07/2016

Mark Hunt vs Brock Lesnar - Lesnar via unanimous decision


Round Three - Lesnar with the early takedown and he's in excellent position, stinging Hunt with blows from top position. Hunt in an awkward spot now, Lesnar controlling him expertly. Lesnar landing continuous shots now, and he moves into full mount with 2 mins remaining. He's looking for the submission now, in between raining shots to the side of Hunt's head. Mixing up the levels now, body to head as the fight draws to a conclusion. An impressive performance by Lesnar after such a long lay-off from the sport.


Round Two - Another tentative start to the round, Hunt swings a big overhand right which just misses its target. Lesnar shoots a takedown and Hunt defends it well, excellent sprawl. Lesnar starting to look fatigued. Hunt shrugs off another takedown, controlling the octagon now but not throwing much offense. Lesnar grabs a leg, presses Hunt against the fence. No takedown coming and the round closes. Anyones round that one. Huge third coming up.


Round One - Both fighters tentative as they feel each other out early. Monster swing and a miss from Hunt as Lesnar shoots the takedown. Gets Hunt on the second attempt and he has Hunt against the fence. Hunt goes down briefly but fights his way back to his feet, and now Lesnar has him flat on the deck in side control, dangerous spot for the Kiwi. Lesnar landing big punches, Hunt fights to his feet again but Lesnar shoots immediately and has him down, straight into full mount. Hunt hangs on as the hooter ends the round. Impressive opener from Lesnar, he has that one comfortably.


Source: Newshub