Watch the trailer for the new Richie McCaw documentary 'Chasing Great'


The first full trailer for Richie McCaw documentary Chasing Great teases a highly emotive film which sees the All Black great opening up like never before.


It's promised to take audiences into the mind of the celebrated All Black with unprecedented access to him, his family archives and previously unseen footage.


Set to Lorde's cover of Tears for Fears hit 'Everybody Wants To Rule The World', the trailer cuts together interviews, re-enactments of McCaw's youth and footage from the 2015 World Cup.


"This is a film for New Zealanders young and old, it will really connect with anyone interested in what it takes for an ordinary person to achieve phenomenal accomplishments," says co-director Michelle Walshe.


"I was always quite keen to make sure I kept some of the private stuff private, not for any reason other than I just felt that was the right thing to do," says Richie McCaw.


"But I got to the end and one of the reasons for doing this is, I took a lot out of the opportunities I got and this is a chance to try and inspire perhaps some young kids or show that you don't have to be given some super human talent or anything to fulfil your dreams. It's not something magic, it's a bit of dedication, hard work - those sort of things that, allow you to fulfil those dreams."


The film opens in cinemas nationwide on September 1.