Chinese truck driver narrowly dodges death by centimetres at train crossing

Vids 05/12/2016

A coal truck driver is counting his lucky stars after narrowly avoiding being obliterated by a speeding train in northeastern China.

In an astonishing video, the truck can be seen coming to a stop in the middle of tracks at a station in the Heilongjiang province, before the driver notices the onrushing train and has just seconds to react.

It is not known why the truck came to a stop in the first place, but there is speculation it got stuck in the rails, putting the driver in a terrifying position.

The driver can be seen opening his door and practically falling out of his seat before frantically sprinting in front of the truck, just out of reach of the tracks.

And it's just in time too, with the train arriving milliseconds after he gets out of the way, completely decimating the truck's cab.

The force of the impact is immense, and would certainly have caused the driver's death if he'd been just a moment slower to react.