Kiwi lad luges down the Kaimais for a slab of Diesels

New Zealand 26/01/2017

A Tauranga bloke named Travis Scott has been recorded riding down the Kaimai Range on a luge cart.

The half naked 18 year old traveled down the busy highway, cutting across the centre line because he said he was "bored" and wanted a challenge.

The best part of the story, the boys said they would shout him a box if he went through with it.

They said they'd buy me a slab of diesels - so I did it.

Travis says he hasn't any contact from police and wants to take on the Bombay Hills as his next challenge. 

"It may be a little bit risky but it's pretty funny, its pretty good. It's pretty unique to say I've done the Kaimais on a luge." 

His final words?

"A shoutout to the boys that were following me, yeah, that's all." 

Story: Newshub