Steven Adams backup centre injured after punching a chair

Vids 28/01/2017

Sport can be frustrating at times when nothing is going your way, and sometimes it's nice being able to take out your anger on that shitty 9 iron that keeps slicing into the trees, or that dodgy drink bottle you know you'll never need again.

Enes Kanter was just a bloke who wanted to hit something and get back into the game a little less like a dick, and a little more focused.

The OKC center, and backup to kiwi legend Steven Adams, thought the flimsy chair on the sideline, that's never done a thing wrong in the past, would best be suited to that of a punching bag, and so he threw a hammer of a haymaker down onto it.

Only problem is, the seat wasn't having a bar of it, and now the poor bloke is out of action for an extended period of time to think about some other methods he could use next time he hits the court again.

The injury means our boy will surely get some longer mins on the court, and we know he will smash it. Give'em hell Steve.