100 guys called Bruce running 100m for Bruce Springsteen

Vids 21/02/2017

A few years ago, the last time Bruce Springsteen visited our shores, we wanted to do something special to celebrate The Boss return to NZ.

We scoured the country trying to find as many kiwi blokes named Bruce as possible, to participate in something we called The Running Of The Bruces.

Donned in Springsteen masks and black Rock t-shirts (perfect clothing for a stinking hot summer's day), we took 'em down to Darby Day for a few pre-concert beersies and a run on the racetrack.

It was one of the most stupid things we've ever spent months working on, but by god it was glorious.

What was not glorious, however, was when Rog found a microphone and got up on stage to sing Glory Days in front of everyone. Now, Roggie is usually alright behind the mic and can handle most songs ok, but this day.....man, he really struggled.

Wait til the end of the clip to see it. You won't regret it (ok, maybe you will).