Lonely old Aussie bloke wins epic fishing trip

Vids 01/02/2017

75 year old Ray Johnstone just wanted a mate to go fishing with after his friend passed away, and now he's being flown to Queensland to go on an all expenses-paid fishing trip.

Ray posted an ad on Australian site Gumtree in the hopes that someone might see it and go fishing with him every now and then.

"My name is Ray Johnstone. Australian. I'm a widowed pensioner who is looking for a fishing mate. My previous mate is now deceased," the advert reads.

"I am a land-based fisherman. I have all the gear for all types of fish that is required for land-based fishing. What I want is a fishing mate in a similar position to myself who also wants someone to go fishing with.

"I am willing to share all costs, e.g. petrol, bait, and should you happen to own a boat, [I'm] willing to pay all ramp fees, but happy if you are also a land-based fisherman."

Ray fielded plenty of offers, but it was Brisbane brothers Peter and Mati Batsinilas who blew everyone elses offer out of the water. They offered to pay for Ray to travel to Queensland for an epic fishing expedition.

It's all go for Ray who leaves for the trip next week.

Word is that some charters in Sydney and South Australia are keen to have him as well so it looks like Ray is in for a big summer.