First-time angler lands massive 466kg marlin in Northland

Vids 27/02/2017

A few blokes from Auckland have pulled off the catch of the summer after they reeled in a massive blue marlin off Ahipara in Northland.

Three members from the Muriwai Sports Fishing Club have claimed the prize catch that weighed in at a whopping 466kg, and was nearly the size of the boat.

The fish took two hours to haul in by the men and was the second-biggest blue marlin ever caught in New Zealand.

Club president Stan Phillips told NZ Herald that the club tends to snag big fish but "as far as [he] knows... there's been a 380kg blue caught in 2009... but I think it was on a 60kg tackle."

Philips said that first-time angler, Wade Wilson, caught the monster fish off only a 37kg line.

All the boys aboard the boat 'Hot Lips' would be bloody stoked with themselves right about now.