Man gets rekt trying to wrestle an alligator with a towel

Vids 30/03/2017

A Florida man has caused outrage online after footage was released of him attempting to capture an alligator has gone viral. 

In the video, which has been viewed almost 3 million times, the man throws a towel over the alligator's head, which it quickly shakes off. 

Undeterred the man then attempts to straddle the alligator, reaching towards its head to grab it.  

The alligator quickly snaps around and throws the man onto the ground, latching on to his arm. 

Incredibly, the giant reptile then backs off, allowing the man to get up and walk away with a mere bite on his arm. 

The 3000 comments on the video have all been along the same line - that the man was acting idiotically.  

"He sure wasn't heading the line when brains were being given out!" one commenter wrote. 

"What did he think he was catching, a butterfly? With your bare hands and your "members only" jacket....? I don't think so!" wrote another.