Watch Papa Roach smash a buffet of insects

Vids 29/03/2017

Papa Roach recently joined YouTube channel, First We Feast to challenge their taste buds by eating insects.

While eating insects and bugs sounds gross for some, so many people around the world consume them every day.

That being said, Jacoby Shaddix didn't sound too keen on the idea.

“I thought I was going to be cool with it this morning, but then I showed up and I’m looking at these bugs in the jar and I’m like uhhhhh,”

Starting with honey roasted crickets, then fire brimstone flavoured mealworms and chapulines, the band weren't the biggest fans.

Although, if insects were their last resort, you could probably guess that Papa Roach will be cutting them into pieces.

The band are due to release their new album Crooked Teeth on May 19.