Westie bloke rides tyre down a dam during Auckland floods

Vids 13/03/2017

The moment a foolhardy Kiwi abseiled down a wall and jumped into surging flood waters at a west Auckland dam has been caught on camera.

The man can be seen climbing from the safety barrier at the Lower Nihotupu Dam all the way down to the water's edge - a traverse of what appears to be about 15 to 20 metres.

Once close to the water, which he looked to have climbed down to using a makeshift rope, he then launched himself in on top of a rubber tube.

The climb and journey down the dam on a tube are hugely dangerous, and many who watched the video on Facebook have expressed concern for the man's safety.

One Facebook user who claimed to have been there with him alleviated fears for the tube-rider's safety, saying "he's sweet", and that he had done it not once but "three-plus times".

The video has 41,000 views in 11 hours since it was posted on Sunday night.