Boy caught in Whitianga cruising with a goat in the backseat

NZ 11/04/2017

Police are investigating after footage posted to social media appears to show a young child at the wheel of a car, with a goat in the backseat.

Whitianga resident Gaz Walden captured the footage and posted it to Facebook.

A young boy, believed to be around eight years old, was seen driving the Ford Falcon, with other children and a young goat packed in the vehicle.

"What the f*** is going on? This is insane," Mr Walden says in the video.

"Look at him. He can only just see over the steering wheel!"

Eventually the driver pulled over and a man came out of the backseat, saying the boy was "actually training".

"I don't care mate, that is ridiculous," Mr Walden retorted.

Police say they are aware of the video and will be making enquiries.