McDonald's change the game with a fork made out of fries

Vids 02/05/2017

Fast food giant McDonald's has unveiled its newest attempt at attracting customers to its restaurants: the Frork, a utensil made of French fries - though McDonald's admits the product is "fundamentally superfluous".

The Frork works like a normal fork, but where the three prongs would normally be placed, the user places three similarly sized French fries instead.

In a spoof infomercial for the product - which is actually just a guise for a promotional push for its new range of burgers - shopping channel entrepreneur Anthony Sullivan is totally transparent about the fact the utensil may not be of any practical use whatsoever.

"Will the Frork change your life? Probably not. Will the Frork improve your Signature Crafted Recipes eating experience? I mean, sure - maybe," he says.

The product's usefulness hinges solely on the 'issue' that is sauce dropping from the bottom of customers' burgers - a problem the Frork is specifically designed to remedy.

"When savouring these recipes, there's a hitch you just can't ditch - the topping dropping," Sullivan says, as videos are shown of disappointed McDonald's customers losing sauce as they bite into their burger flashes up on the screen.

"This is a real problem. Wait, sorry, is this a real problem? Probably not, but the good news is we solved it anyway."

The commercial then shows how to use the Frork to pick up the lost sauces, labelling it "ludicrous" and "ambixetr-ish" - before noting that it can also be used in the dark.

The parody advertisement finishes with the narrator describing all the ways McDonald's is "raising the bar" for its customers, before confessing that the Frork probably isn't one of those ways.