Meth-addicted python has been sent to prison rehab

Vids 12/04/2017

A two-metre-long snake has been sent to prison rehab in Australia - after becoming addicted to meth.

The snake was found by police after a 2016 raid on a methamphetamine lab, where snakes are often used by dealers to guard their drugs.

Unfortunately the snake had come into contact with the methamphetamine fumes and particles and was now addicted to the drug - with dangerous consequences.

"He was totally on edge, jittery, slithering and wanting to strike," snake handler Ian Mitchell told the Daily Telegraph.

"Normally these pythons can be a little bit snappy, they are constrictors and not poisonous, and they just lie around.

"This one was very aggressive and had very erratic behaviour."

The angry snake was sent to the prison service's wildlife rehabilitation program.

It took seven months for the  rehabilitated reptile to return to its normal passive state. It now faces reintegration back into the community.