Romanian woman sells her v-plates for a whopping $3.5mil

Chicks 13/04/2017

An 18-year-old model who went public with her plans to sell her first sexual experience to the highest bidder has accepted an offer from a Hong Kong businessman.

The man came out on top in a hard-fought auction that rose to a hefty 2.3 million euros ($3.5 million).

Aleexandra Kefren appeared on British programme This Morning in December 2016, explaining that her family was in a challenging financial position that she wanted to help them out of.

She said the money would help her achieve a dream of studying business and marketing at Oxford University, and would also alleviate financial pressures when it comes to starting her own company.

Ms Kefren has spoken to the man who successfully won the auction for her virginity, saying he seems "very friendly". She says the escort company she has signed up with will stay nearby "as security if problems arise".

"I have the possibility to terminate the meeting at any time, but I am quite confident," she said in a statement.

Ms Kefren has come under heavy criticism for her decision - but she justifies it by saying that many girls regret the way they lose their virginity, and so she would prefer to be in control - and benefit financially from it.

"I wanted to sell my virginity with Cinderella Escorts rather than giving it to a future friend who might have left me anyway - and I think many other girls have the same attitude," she explained.

"How many would possibly forgo their first time in retrospect if they could have 2.3 million euros instead?"

Ms Kefren will travel to Hong Kong soon to meet the auction winner. The teen says a hotel room has been booked, and she will undergo a test proving she is still a virgin and has no STIs before sleeping with the businessman.