Chilled Aussie bloke lights up a durrie while making citizen's arrest

Australia 27/06/2017

A bricklayer from Western Australia making a dramatic citizen's arrest has been caught on camera after he chased down a burglar, dragged him back to his house and waited for police.

The footage shows the 25-year-old, identified only as James, appearing to be completely relaxed as he stands over the alleged offender and smokes a cigarette.

Clearly distressed, the man on the ground says: "If you wanna kick my head in, kick it in. I'm serious."

The alarm was first raised by a six-year-old named Kayleigh, who screamed when she saw the suspect enter her home.

"I saw a man at the kitchen diner. He grabbed mum's keys and her purse," Kayleigh told 7 News.

The panicked intruder then made a dash out the back door, over the fence and down a back alley before the Kayleigh's mother's partner James caught up with him.

James had a smoke while they waited for officers to arrive.

The 23-year-old suspect has been charged with stealing and aggravated robbery.