Kickboxer goes in for cheap shot, has crowd enter ring to gang up on him

sports 13/06/2017

A Dutch kickboxer has been assaulted by a pair of fans moments after knocking his opponent out with a cheap but completely legal punch.

Murthel 'The Predator' Groenhart, a Dutch super middleweight kickboxer, took advantage of fellow fighter Harut Grigorian's lack of attention after he walked away following a flurry of blows.

Turning towards the team in his corner, Grigorian was completely unaware that Groenhart had stayed alert to a knockout opportunity - and the latter delivered a heavy left hook to his jaw.

Grigorian immediately fell to the floor, a pool of blood slowly emerging beneath his face - and Groenhart was quick to celebrate, running to the corner to receive applause from the crowd.

However his celebrations were short-lived, with two of Grigorian's supporters taking offence to the punch and storming the ring.

Ringside footage shows one of them delivering a flying punch while the other arrives moments later, pulling Grigorian off his corner - but others some come rushing in to rescue the fighter.

The two attackers were later apprehended by security and removed from the venue.

A journalist at the fight said he spoke to Groenhart, who revealed to him that he would not be pressing charges against the fans who had attacked him.