Canterbury Police issue warning against Game of Thrones spoilers

New Zealand 18/07/2017

Amidst the thrilling season premiere of popular TV show Game of Thrones, Canterbury police have issued a stern warning.

The highly acclaimed series returned on Monday night (NZ time) for the start of season 7, sending fans clamouring for news.

But not everyone wants to know what happens as it happens, with some unable to watch the episode immediately after it aired. So Canterbury police have stepped in with a firm reminder - and a warning.

Unfortunately if your mate spoiled the episode for you, there's nothing police can do for you.

"Just remember folks, it is NOT an offence to publish Game of Thrones spoilers. It's not cool. Not cool at all, but not an offence," police wrote on their Facebook page.

The warning was particularly pointed towards the New York and Los Angeles police departments, in a region which gets the HBO show earlier than New Zealanders.

But local police also promised Queensland and NSW police forces they'd keep their lips sealed.

"Seeing as you're behind us and all," the page wrote.

"#saferGOTtogether #nospoilers #becausedragons."