Did Josh Homme just hint at a potential QOTSA return to New Zealand?

interview 17/07/2017

Cause we'd be down. So, so down for that.

Unless you've been under a rock, you would know that Queens of the Stone Age recently visited New Zealand to play one sold-out show at Auckland's Logan Campbell Centre.

How was it? Fucking awesome. See the photos.

But as good as that was, it was still a bit of a bugger for QOTSA fans living in the rest of the country who couldn't afford or make it to Auckland to see the band play live.

BUT....did Homme just hint during an interview with Ben Hurley on The Project that the band may be coming back to NZ to cap off their world tour?

If you notice, we're just doing one show. One could glean that perhaps that would be to come back at the end when you're all bedraggled and, what did you say - bejazzled?

Let's hope he isn't just being a big ol cocktease. Look, we don't want to come across as desperate or anything but PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS COME BAAAAACCKKKK.

Sorry....we lost it for a bit there. As you were.