Ten thousand beers make epic fountain after delivery truck crashes

funny shit 20/07/2017

Tens of thousands of beer bottles were lost on a Colorado highway after a semi-truck's brakes failed and it was forced onto a steep off-ramp.

The trucker was going over the state's treacherous Wolf Creek Pass - a mountainous road, dangerous even with brakes - when the truck lost its ability to slow down.

After missing an off-ramp that would likely have taken it to safety, the truck then careened up the final ramp before the road returned to the sharp turns found in the mountains.

Despite getting to safety, the brake-less journey was still not without casualty - with thousands of cases of Bud Light beer bursting out the truck's back doors and down the off-ramp.

The entire incident was captured by motorist Rachel Smith, who started following the truck when she smelt the smoke that indicated its brakes had failed.

"He handled that truck like an absolute champ," she told The Durango Herald.

"It was an absolute fountain of beer. The beer was just absolutely everywhere. It was pretty hilarious."

The truck driver was said to be shaken up but okay - perhaps looking forward to relaxing with a nice cold one.