Motorway gets covered by shitloads of pizza after truck crashes

Vids 11/08/2017

A pizza delivery was scuppered after a huge truck carrying thousands of the much-loved dough-based treats poured out onto a busy motorway.

Transportation Department spokesperson Danny Straessle says a truck scraped Mabelvale Pike overpass in Little Rock, slicing open its trailer.

The 18-wheeler was carrying tonnes of frozen pizzas, which spewed out of its trailer following the collision - practically covering the road with the classic Italian dish.

The truck's diesel fuel also leaked all over the road, requiring a massive clean-up and, tragically, making the pizzas inedible.

The highway, which is part of a major route between Dallas and Memphis, had to be closed for four hours as the mess was cleared - causing major delays heading west.

Mr Straessle explained that while no one was hurt in the collision, there were "lots of pizza fatalities".