Chester Bennington's wife shares video of him laughing 36 hours before his death

Vids 18/09/2017

Chester Bennington's death in July shocked the world after he committed suicide suffering from severe depression. 

Recently his wife Talinda Bennington shared a video of him just 36 hours before his death, laughing and smiling with his family.

However, before sharing this video, she explained that her next tweet would be a personal one saying  "My next tweet is the most personal tweet I have ever done. I'm showing this so that you know that depression doesn't have a face or a mood."

Her next tweet read "This is what depression looked like to us just 36 hrs b4 his death. He loved us SO much and we loved him #fuckdepression #MakeChesterProud."

The two hashtags have become common from Talinda in the wake of her husband's death as she grows an online community helping those suffering from depression and affected by Chester deaths. 

It comes just days after Chester's 15-year-old son Draven Bennington released three videos for National Suicide Prevention Week in the wake of his father's death.

In one of the videos, he is asked about the warning signs of depression, and if he noticed anything had changed within his father.

He responded: "He was really good at hiding it. I saw him a week before and I would not be able to tell one thing that was different."

He added: "I thought everything was going great."

Chester Bennington will forever be known as a legend on the music world.