Corey Taylor stops mid-song so a fan could get some medical attention

Vids 04/09/2017

Good guy Corey Taylor.

During a Sydney performance, Stone Sour stopped midway through Gone Sovereign to help a fan in the middle of the mostpit get medical attention.

It was the band's 15th song of the night, so they were deep in it when the dramas happened.

"Hold on, hold on, stop," Taylor said while signalling his drummer, Roy Mayorga.

Okay, everybody back up, there seems to be a medical issue. Make some room so the professionals can get in there, guys.

They managed to pull the fan aside and took him backstage to receive medical attention.

"That's scary shit, man," Corey said, before checking with the crowd to make sure everyone was alright.

After reading so many news stories about fans being crushed or stampled to death at concerts, it's bloody good to see old mate Corey make sure the safety of his fans came before anything else.

Here's a different angle of the same gig - skip to around 3:15 to see it.