Foo Fighters apologise to Christchurch for breaking their promise

Vids 08/09/2017

When the Foo Fighters were in Christchurch during their 2015 world tour, frontman Dave Grohl made a promise to the crowd. 

"If you sing as loud as you can, I promise - you have my word - that the Foo Fighters will come back and we will find some nice big space outside somewhere."

Well play a free fucking show for ya'll

"It might be 2027, but I'm saying next time it's on me."

But after announcing their NZ show on February the 3rd, 2018 at Mt Smart Stadium

Foo Fighters' bassist, Nate Mendel, said he couldn't take any responsibility for the South Island oversight in next year's tour.

"Oh s***, loose lips sink ships," Nate said to Fairfax. "I'm going to have to take that up with Dave - it's a joint, committee effort to get the tours booked and that promise got overlooked this time."

Apologies to Christchurch, and we will try and remedy that as as possible

But knowing the Foo Fighters, anything is possible. So don't loose hope yet guys.