James Hetfield falls through hole on stage, gets up and keeps playing

Vids 06/09/2017

Well that's bad luck.

During a recent Metallica concert in Amsterdam, James Hetfield took a little tumble while the band were midway through playing Now That We're Dead.

He took a wrong step and fell into a small hole on the stage that had just opened up. While he avoided any serious injury, crew members rushed to help him back on stage where he continued to play while grimacing in pain.

But he took it in his stride, even joking about it afterwards.

Is everyone okay? Yes, I'm okay. My ego, not so much. But we're fine. Hurt my feelings a little bit.

But hey, it doesn't matter if you fall down - if you get back up, nothing else matters.

(self-five for that Metallica pun)

Unfortunately for Hetfield, because it's 2017 and every motherfucker has a phone, his fall was captured from every angle. Check out some different views below.