Papa Roach pays tribute to Chester Bennington by performing 'In The End'

Vids 25/09/2017

Since Chester Bennington's death in July, so many artists have paid tribute in honour of the artist in so many different ways.  

Papa Roach frontman Jacoby Shaddix decides to send off the legend by singing Linkin Park's well known single 'In The End' in front of a packed out crowd in Austria. He starts with singing the bands single 'Forever' and eventually makes a swift transition. 

Shaddix then has a few words to the crowd about Bennington and a plea to the audience. 

“We love you, Chester Bennington, rest in peace,” said Shaddix at the end of the song, adding, “We scream for you.” The singer then concluded, “If there’s anybody in the house tonight who is walking through some darkness, please don’t be afraid to put your f–king hand out and go, ‘Yo, I need some f–king help.’ It takes courage, you know what I’m saying? But you guys, every last one of you guys are worth this life.”

Who else still gets chills hearing their song.