Man avoids paying hotel bill by climbing out of his room on telephone cables

funny shit 03/10/2017

A lot of people have many different ways of dealing with paying a hefty hotel bill. 

But this man has a way that many wouldn't even consider doing. 

A Chinese man received his hotel bill and obviously had a bit too much fun the night before. The guy receives the bill then instantly goes full Ninja mode and climbs outside his room window and onto the telephone cables. 

The wires are at least 60 metres (196ft) above the ground. 

The man was forced to dangle high above the ground until the emergency services came to his rescue. Panzhou Firefighters eventually arrived and got him back to the hotel safely, with a spokesperson saying: "The man did not suffer any injuries, he is safe now."

This dude has some serious balls but seriously. Must be another way to escape a hotel bill.