Producer Jeremy's 100% fact-based song about Huntly

Thane and Dunc 10/11/2017

With the help of your comments on the Thane and Dunce Facebook page (great job team) Producer Jeremy brings you the latest Poo Town instalment. 

We've attached the lyrics, so you can sing along.  

They don’t mind stealing cars
Whether you’re from near or far
It’s not a town you’d call scenic
The best view’s in your Rear view mirror

But it’s a handy place to stop and take a turd in
Some call it the worst suburb of a town called Hamilton
The Topp Twins were born there, are they men, are they women
I’m talking about Huntly

This is a town that’s got no soul
And you might die from all that coal
The coal they use at the Power Plant
Chimney’s so tall you feel like an ant – an ant…

But there’s a by pass coming - you won’t have to drive through
Cos if you stop for wee wees gonoorhea might get you
The Deka sign’s so old that it might just fall down soon

I’m talking bout Huntly - Talking bout Huntly - yeah
It smell’s pretty funky - Talking bout Huntly - yeah
The girl’s are quite chunky - Talking bout Huntly - yeah
Huntly’s full of junkies - Talking bout Huntly - yeah