The 2017 let's get wet party. Credits: YouTube/John Doe

Inside the wild piss-up that's landed a Kiwi in a Cambodian prison

video 30/01/2018

Video and images from the Cambodian "Let's Get Wet" pool party that got a New Zealander arrested show an alcohol-fuelled sexually charged night.

Video of the 2017 version of the party shows women flashing their breasts beside a swimming pool and drinking copious amounts of alcohol.

Photos released by Cambodian police show partygoers on the ground in a series of compromising positions, which the men arrested say was part of a twister-style "sex position game", The Daily Mail reports.

Police arrested dozens at the party in Siem Reap, near the Angkor Wat temples, last Thursday, although most of them have since been released.

Ten people from the party, including five Britons and Kiwi Paul Brasch, could face up to a year in prison for "breaching Cambodian traditions".

But despite evidence of the debauchery, Mr Brasch's mother says it was all just a bit of fun.

Vicky Malden told The Daily Mail her son was cooking steak and sausages on the barbeque, when the police arrived.

"They weren't disrespecting the morality of the Cambodians and their religion, or anything," she said.

"It was in a private res, it was a ticketed event, the tickets were sold. There were about 80-100 tickets sold for the event - it was a type of pool party."

According to Ms Malden, the party certainly didn't warrant any arrests and those arrested were just young people, blowing off steam.

"I am desperate to have him back. A few of them are just children.

"They are just kids, having fun... we just want them home."