Liam Gallagher labels Noel & Bono the two 'biggest wankers' in music

music news 17/01/2018

Liam Gallagher is back to his asshole ways, lashing out at his brother Noel and U2's Bono, calling them "the biggest wankers" during a recent interveiw with the  Australian music site Junkee.

Here's an excerpt from the interview: 

Did you really threaten to stab Sacha Baron Cohen?

Mmhmm. Because he was getting lippy. He said I was gonna stab him in one eye, but I said two.

He told that story on a talk show. 

I think he doing the rounds, he was selling some fuckin’ shit film that he’d done. He was trying to bring me into the fray and that. I think he’s more one of Noel’s mates, he’s over on Bono’s side. I think he’s over on that fuckin’ [makes illuminati sign]. Scientology fucking, that side [makes illuminati sign again]. He’s one of them isn’t he, thinks he’s all illuminati and that. Fucking knobheads, all of them. 

Bono too?

He’s the biggest wanker.


Just is.

Who are the top five wankers in music?

Noel Gallagher, Bono. It’s just them two at the moment who’ve got under me skin. They can just fucking table tennis it back and forth.

Do you still do drugs?

Not as much as I’d like to, no. Because I’ve gotta do this singing now so it takes its toll on the voice and that. But when I get a bit of downtime, I’m gonna go in hard.

Every single moment of this interview is priceless. Man might be a bit of a c*nt, but shit does he tell a good yarn. Guess that rumoured Oasis runion's off then... 

Read the full Junkee interview here.