Argument at the local pub escalates into a $100,000 bloody car park brawl

fight 10/01/2018


Following a year long argument, which started in their local pub, two travellers (gypsies) from the British town Hemel Hempstead ended up in a brutal, bare-knuckle brawl in a "secret location" (i.e. carpark).

Our favourite part of this story is the traveller's names. One bloke's birth cert has him down as Jo Joyce, but he goes by 'The Hulk', and the other lad, named Patrick Nevan, is affectionately known as 'Bigfoot'.

Just. Wow.

The Mirror reports that Bigfoot and the Hulk's own families were so invested in this feud, each side rallied £30,000 pounds together, so a total prize of £60,000 ($113,000 NZD) was on the table (or carpark!?)
This all sounded rougher than Ranui, so, we gave Hemel Hempstead a cheeky Google.

We learned it was the winner of the "Ugliest Town of The Year" in 2013.

Trip Advisor included advise such as: "What a grotty place. Nothing here to like, suggest you just pass through."


But back to the fight, Bigfoot and The Hulk got so bloodied up, the carpark brawl's refs - yes, they had refs - tried to stop the fight multiple times, and get Bigfoot and The Hulk to play nice.

However, the brawl continued for 40 gruelling minutes until Bigfoot tapped himself out, having recevied blow, after blow, after blow, and sporting a nasty, bloodied nose. 

After the Hulk threw his hands up in celebration with Bigfoot's blood splattered all over his chest, the two shook hands and settled their argument. 

Don't you love a happy ending? 

If you want to watch the full video, it's on YouTube here.