Bloke spotted in West Auckland hooning down the motorway with overloaded boot of timber

New Zealand 16/03/2018

Alright, which one of you lot is this?

Footage that is probably - no, definitely - of a Rock listener hooning it down Auckland's western motorway with an open boot overloaded with timber has sparked a bit of outrage and debate online.

The video was shared to Facebook group "You know you're in west Auckland when" (a great FB group, btw) on Thursday arvo and shows the dude gunning it down SH16 with the wood sticking out of the back of his car.

Later images show the vehicle driving down Lincoln Rd. 

Many commenters on the post pointed out the load lacked a white flag and endangered other road users.

"[He's] only missing white tail flag. It's all good," another said.

Under New Zealand law, if a load sticks out one meter over the back of the vehicle, a white or fluorescent red, orange or yellow flag must be affixed to the load.

"*555 his ass... he's putting a lot of people in danger," one person wrote, referring to the police number for reporting dangerous driving.

Police have been contacted for comment.

h/t: Newshub