Rocking Gran performs one hell of an AC/DC cover, receives standing ovation on Britain's Got Talent

Vids 30/04/2018

In a recent Britian's Got Talent episode, 68-year-old retiree Jenny Darren hit the stage in glasses, a pink cardigan and a floral dress. Then she let her down and belted out a damn good cover for 'Highway To Hell'.

Before she got started, resident grumpy bastard judge, Simon Cowell asked Darren if she believed she could win, to which she vigourously responded yes. Then her granma-disguise came off, revealing a bad-ass leatehr-loving Grandma with a penchant for AC/DC. Kinda like if Olivia Newton-John recreated Grease in her 60s. 

And shit, Darren definitely didn't do AC/DC a disservice. The whole crowd lapped up the rocking granny, giving her a standing ovation and singing along. She even impressed old mate Simon.  

Check it out above.