Day 3: Thane and Dunc continue their search for MH370 and make waves in Mauritius

MH370 - Thane and Dunc 14/06/2018

14.06.2018 - DAY 3: Search For MH370

Following up from our salty dog's rough day on the sea yesterday, the MH370 search team have had to spend today organising a larger boat to go out and explore their coordinates tomorrow. 

While on shore in Mauritius today, the boys met with Radio 1, the top radio station in the small island nation, with a population of 1.2 million people.

Thane and Dunc have become big news in Mauritius. Watch the video above, where they were grilled on Mauritian radio waves - and articulated themselves bloody well. 

They also had some pretty hilarious yarns in the car with a Radio 1 journalist on their way to the radio station.  

Thane's very excited about pursuing the 'item of interest' they stumbled upon yesterday, but were forced to turn around before they could investigate further, as the weather was too rough.

From what they've described it's a white, man-made spherical object - of about 3m in length. Although, this is a rough description, we're hoping to find out more tomorrow.  

Dunc's battling through food poisoning, while also struggling with a bit of unexpected anxiety.

Meanwhile Jeremy's not a healthy chap - still reeling from his severe sea sickness and experiencing what sounds like a fairly gruesome UTI... 

However, they refuse to have come so far and not give this search their all. We're hoping for better conditions than yesterday, but regardless they will be out on the water tomorrow.

We will keep you updated. 

We're very proud of the boys. Keep at it. Stay safe.