Day 4: Thane & Dunc's final day on the water searching for MH370

MH370 - Thane and Dunc 15/06/2018

15.06.2018 - DAY 4: Search for MH370

After a day being stuck on land, taking radio interviews and battling various illnesses, the day finally arrived where the boys could take out their boat - this time fully equipped with state-of-the-art underwater video technology - to explore their coordinates to find MH370.

The weather conditions were far from excellent. In fact, they were dog-awful. Facing a 2-3m swell, lots of wind and a lot of current, the boys had a bumpy ride on the water ahead of them.

The weather wasn't letting up, but Dunc wasn't letting that dampen his spirits. With one of the few search boats in Mauritius with 3D sonar technology (apparently most of the other boats only had fish finders), confidence that something could be discovered was still high.

While at their location, the boys placed a wreath with a blessed pounamu (from regular listener, Ordinary Phil) in the Indian Ocean to pay respect to all the victims of MH370. Good touch from the lads.

However....after hours of navigating through choppy waters and scanning the ocean floor for any sign of the missing flight....


No sign of MH370.

As you can imagine, both Thane and Dunc were both a little bummed out.

I was either gonna be there or not. So...obviously bloody disappointing,'s not there. So....what can you do about it?

While the lads are obviously disappointed, we couldn't be more proud of these two chaps for battling against the odds and actually getting their arses over there to Mauritius to conduct this investigation.

You boys are bloody champs if you ask us.

And now, they're on to their next mission - a 48+ hour journey home. But rest assured, a few cold ones will be cracked and waiting for ya both when you get back.

Thane and Dunc's Search for MH370 was being shot and recorded by our videographer, Aaron Ly. A short documentary of the boys' trip will be released in the coming weeks - so watch this space!