WATCH: Insane clip of great white shark savagely ripping into another great white

shark 13/06/2018

A bloke called Adam Malski was on a diving trip near Neptune Island in the south of Australia when a great white came in hot, and snagged bait hanging off the side of his boat. Next minute another, a bigger great white shark attacked the first. 

Much like dinner time in the family home of this author; If someone take's the last piece of steak without asking the top dog, they're gon' learn a thing or two.

Although, sharks are somewhat more thrilling to watch go at each other than hungry red-blooded blokes with cutlery. 

Gilbert, the bigger shark has been seen since, but the smaller one is awol... Sadly, probably dead. 

Sharks are actually known to snack on their own - but the phenomneon is very rarely caught on camera. Sick cannibalistic flippers. 

Check out the insane video above.