WATCH: Rog cuts shapes to Awolnation with TWO leather-clad ladies

Dancing with the Stars NZ 04/06/2018

Rog just took on the Pasodoble to the soundtrack of Awolnation's 'Sail', with two leather clad ladies literally, fighting over him. 

Did Rog just die and go to heaven? 

Don't worry , Bryce's missus' was on hand to keep our man grounded.  

Sharyn revealed to the nation the mesh situation hasn't only made a return, there's a full bodysuit under there. 

I even heard the Queen gave you an Order of Merit for mesh tonight.

Good from you, Sharyn.

If you're just here to see the dance, skip to 2.25 on the above video. 

Someone's getting eliminated tonight. Make sure it isn't Rog. Text ROG to 3333. 

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