Watching these lads smash out 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' on toy instruments will make your day infinitely better

funny shit 12/07/2018

This video of three blokes jamming out to 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' on toy instuments is doing the rounds on Reddit, and holy hecka, it's a ride. 

The band is actually actually a three piece called WACKIDS, who consistently play on mini instuments sourced from their kid's bedrooms. How good?

They cover everything from Queen, to The White Stripes, to AC/DC.  And they even go on tour.

Shit we'd go hard at one of their shows.

Never has a Hello Kitty drum kit been so cool. 

Watch above and feel enlightened. Makes us wanna source a otamatone and a few bells and give these toy instruments a hoon ourselves... 

With all these Rock baby's floating around, it could't be too hard? Eh, Dunco, Brucey, Thane?