WATCH: Underpaid bloke goes on a resignation rampage, wages war on his boss' office

funny shit 17/07/2018

A pissed off, and allegedly underpaid, sell-side analyst named Francesco Pellegrino pulled the big old middle finger at his boss through a bloody dramatic resignation ritual, late last month.
How? By popping champagne in his boss' office after hours, pouring it all over himself and all over his boss' shit, putting new passwords on his boss' computer, bashoing up his keyboard and leaving a letter on his desk reading "F--k you - I quit".

Just ruly f*cking up his boss' shit in a full noise rampage of rage. 

What a guy? 

Who hasn't fantasised about doing this shit? 

Pellgerino posted the whole after-hours melt down on Instagram, but his account has since been deactivated.

Kinda reminds us of Jim's 'Break Stuff' video.
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