WATCH: A full-length trailer for SOA spin-off 'Mayans MC' just dropped and shit, it will get ya revved up

trailer 20/07/2018

Getting bored of your Netflix account? Well, team, have we got bloody good news for you. 

The first spin off of Sons Of Anarchy; Mayans MC is coming out September 4th.

You might have seen a couple of the teaser trailers we've posted... Enough of that shit, there's only so much teasing we can take - the first full length trailer just dropped. 

And shit, it's savage. 

Set after Jax Teller's death, the show is focusing on the young character, EZ Reyes. 

Fresh out of the cells, EZ Reyes has plummeted from his golden boy status, to a gang prospect for the Mayans. Now he has to do whatever the Mayans demand. 

You're in this now, son. There's no getting out.

In the trailer alone we've got car chases, graveyard gunfights, and underground tunnels for presumed drug smuggling. 

Toward the end of the trailer, EZ's dad, Felipe Reyes delivers this stonker of a line:

"It's gonna twist you up, make you doubt everything that you trust. You're in this now, son. There's no getting out." 

Holy hecka. We're gassed up for this show. 

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