GC builder pays for elderly bloke's lunch at Maccas

Vids 02/08/2018

It's bloody good to see there are still some good buggers in this world.

Aussie tradie Dave Love has made the rounds on social media after his missus videoed him shouting an elderly pensioner his lunch at McDonald's.

Love was waiting in line to buy a coffee when he spotted the old fella struggling to count his money - down to his last $20, as we find out later in the video - so the top bloke not only shouted his meal, but gave him an extra twenty bones to cover the next one.

I'm helping the old fella out. He's down on his last 20 bucks. He's standing there with a whole heap of change. He's a pensioner and he's old, so I paid for his meal and gave him $20.

It is what it is, honey, that's life.

Of course his middy was filming the entire interaction, and posted it all over Facebook to share with the world. While we get a hint that the selfless act could have all been a plan to get some social publicity, Love sounds like a pretty genuine dude and we can buy that he didn't know his partner was secretly filming him the whole time.

So the next time you're at a Maccas - maybe take a leaf outta Dave's book and shout an old boy a Big Mac or two!