WATCH: Little brother convinced he's invisible in classic stitch up

funny shit 31/08/2018

The youngest always tends to bear the brunt of every family's gags, and this little bloke is no exception.

This family manage to convince their little brother into thinking he's completely invisible by use of a 'magic blanket', and by freaking the fuck out when they get him to hold objects while he's 'invisible'.

"We planned it all this past Sunday in our basement while her little brother had gone upstairs to eat. We planned everything out and she took a picture beforehand of my husband's little brother next to the couch. We all planned to act surprised when my husband went and uncovered him with the blanket. At first, he didn't seem to fall for it until his sister went to take a picture of my brother in law next to the couch, when she showed the picture it only showed my brother in law and not her little brother," one of the family members explained.

"That's when he freaked out and started yelling and we pretended we couldn't hear or see him. His sister would say aloud 'Sam if you can see us hold this'... Every time he would hold something we would yell and be surprised by pretending that the objects were floating and that we couldn't see him."

Classsssssssic stitch up. They got the poor little fella good.