WATCH: The new 'Nun' trailer is making people shit bricks so bad YouTube's been asked to remove it from it's ads

trailer 15/08/2018

If you're not a fan of sudden frights/jump scares, well mate, back the hell away, cause the new trailer for 'The Conjuring' prequel; 'The Nun' is here, and she's all about freaking the beejezus out of you. 

The films follows an investigation after a nun commits suicide, then a freaky demon nun lets loose on the Vatican. 

Standard horror.

However, the trailer has been played at the top of YouTube ads and is so god damn frightening there's a tweet that's been reshared over 100,000 time warning people about avoiding it and how to know when it's coming. 

Well, the trailers achieved what it set out to do - create hype and scare the shit out of people.

Check it out above (if ya up for it). 

And if you want to shit bricks for the full feature length film, you can look forward to it's release this September 7th.