WATCH: Matthew McConaughey tripping dicks in trailer for upcoming stoner flick

trailer 10/09/2018

The Beach Bum looks like one hell of a funny flick, well, if we're going by this trailer. 

Starring McConaughey, Snoop Dogg, Jonah Hill, Isla Fisher and Zac Efron, it's a bloody all-star line-up. 

In a minute and a half, we've got snakes, big-ass joints, fireworks, Snoop Dogg, luxury yachts and sports cars.

McConaughey plays the protagonist; an eccentric poet who goes by the name Moondog.

The first scene shows Moondog walking into a dairy, dressed in some psychedlic shit and asking the shopkeeper if he sells acid. 

Tu meke. 

The film is directed the Harmony Korine, the same man who directed 2012's Spring Breakers

Set to be released on 22 March 2019. Check out the trailer above.